Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tabling the Issue

Remember these Craigslist beauties?


Great deals, right?!

Both are going in this room
So #1 started out like this

But we hated it. Way too bright! By now, #2 had joined our fun. So they became this

(I'll explain those boards against the wall soon...)

I was actually fond of the patina effect on this one. But still, too turquoise. If the walls weren't orange, it might work. Too many bold colors in this small space, though, make it feel very closed in. And our house is enough of a circus without looking like one!

So they morphed again. This time, I'm in love.


 The new color is very neutral, and perhaps teetering on "blah," but I think they serve as a nice backdrop to the other highlights of the room. They let the pops of color take the spotlight.

One last look:





What do you think?

I picked up a third side table this weekend for the other side of the couch.

Don't you love it?! The detail on the side, the legs, the vintage look- I love it all! Plus it will store my magazines. Birdie hasn't discovered the little shelf yet. Have I mentioned how much she loves shelves? Or that she's 100% daredevil?

So I'll be busy again this weekend, but I can't wait to have it done. Then we can move on to the board project. More on that to come!

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