Friday, April 23, 2010

Down stairs

I'm going through craft/ home improvement/ home decorating withdrawal. Two weeks ago, I took a spill down our unfinished stairs. My back and hip took a beating, so I've been "taking it easy" ever since. But it has been anything but easy to "take it easy." I want to create! I want to attempt some of these awesome projects I'm seeing on One Pretty Thing. It's healing up day by day, so I'm hoping to start posting some new stuff this next week.

I've been feeling good enough to start finishing up Birdie's quilt. Two nights ago, I was about 45 minutes from finishing the quilt (squeeee!) when the most frustrating thing happened: I ran out of thread. Now, normally I'm a white thread kinda gal. I love using white on dark colors for a modern touch, and if you run out- no big deal, there's always another spool of white around somewhere. This time, though, I decided to use pink thread. It looks fantastic against the white backing. (Sorry, I wasn't agile enough to jump up and grab the camera, but I should have some to show for next week's post!) So I've fallen a few days behind in finishing while I wait to get out and get more pink thread. Grrrrrr.....

Just to remind you what I'm working on, here's the top of the quilt handing over Birdie's crib:

I was originally thinking about doing this for a modern backing....

but I chickened out and decided to go uber simple. :)

We've also been planning some updates to our backyard after being inspired by Camilla. Pallets for landscaping? Genius. These are some other ideas I've fallen in love with:

I won't tell you which project(s) we're going to take on, but it's going to be cheap, fun, and easy! My three favorite words. 

See you next week with new projects!

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