Wednesday, April 7, 2010

When you can't take the heat, get out.... a ceiling fan?

Mr. Nest and I are getting ready to renovate our kitchen. It's rough. Really rough.

Ugh, that vinyl. That stove. Those 1950s partical board cabinets. The fake brick and plastic tile sheets liquid nailed to the plaster walls. It all makes my head spin!

This is also our only cabinet/ countertop space. And take pity on us: we have no dishwasher, so our Rubbermaid dish rack takes up valuable space on top of the insult of hovering over the sink every night doing the day's dishes. You can imagine how fun dishes have been in the last year since having Birdie. Gah!

The standoffs between Mr. Nest and I over who's turn it is to do the dishes is turning ugly.

So after nearly 4 years of talking and talking and talking about redoing the kitchen, we're finally doing it!
To set the mood:

We're going for classic, but modern. It has been our goal to restore some of The Neglected Nest's original charm. The poor girl deserves a good makeover now that she's 102 years old. We're still undecided about paint color for the walls, but we'll get there. At least the details are worked out! Oh yeah- and we're doing it all for under $3000!

The only thing we haven't worked out is heating and cooling. Our house has no a/c. Right now we have cast iron baseboard radiator monstrosities. Let me tell you, these are about as effective as shaving with a dull razor. Our kitchen is freezing in the winter and a sauna in the summer. So Mr. Nest found toe-kick heaters for the heat problem. But the cooling problem still lingers.

So I started investigating ceiling fans in the kitchen.
Country Living makes everything look possible.

But they can look less than designer if the ceiling is too low, or depending on the fan's style, or if the kitchen is out of date.

Case in point:

We've decided to keep thinking about a solution to this problem, but I'm still keeping this option in the back of my mind.

What do you think about ceiling fans in the kitchen?


Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

This is what I would do in my kitchen if I could redo it. I have to ask, where did you find faux slate vinyl flooring?? It might just be the answer I need for our kitchen.

The Neglected Nest said...

I found so many slate vinyl options at We're planning to visit Floors USA soon to compare products and pricing.