Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekend Bliss

This weekend was a whirlwind. And a heat wave. And completely productive. And totally fun. :)

On Friday, I got some of this
in this color

and tackled this room

and totally surprised Mr. Nest! He came in through the back door and saw the dropcloth laying in the laundry pile. "Whatchya been paintin'?" he asked. Then he looked up and said "Oh!"

Wanna see the "after" pic? Well then check back tomorrow for the reveal! (The tease is worth it)

We spent Saturday walking/eating around New Hope, PA, with good friends. It seemed like everyone else in the PA/NJ area had the same idea, though. Boy was it crowded! But seriously, with beauty like this, it's totally worth it.

It was a fantastic day. We came home hot, tired, and happy to meet a super nice Craigslister who bought two of these rugs (the second rug isn't shown, but it's identical).

And now I'll take this moment to vent about Craigslisting: One of the things I appreciate most about CL is the ability to pick things up quickly and mostly anonymously. One Some of the things I hate most about CL is that people don't show up when they say they will, and they don't pay any attention to pick up requests ("Please call before you come." and "I'm available after 6pm."). Both of these instructions were given to one particular gentleman who was only willing to buy 1 rug and at 40% of what I was asking. I told him I had someone else who committed to buying both, but if she didn't show up, I'd sell one to him at his discounted price. I told him to call me before he came. When the other CL'er called on her way (per my request), I kindly called this gentleman to tell him not to come. He did not answer and there was no voicemail. An hour later, he and his wife showed up at my front door just as we were hauling the rugs out to a waiting SUV. They had some unkind words for me for causing them inconvenience before stomping off my porch. I felt bad for .02 seconds (ok, more like 45 minutes) before I realized that I did all I could, and it was a shame it turned out that way.... but at least those damn rugs are gone! :)

Sunday was certainly our most productive day because we planned our new (Ikea) kitchen! Here's a sneak peak at what we chose:

If Mr. Nest gets his way, Laminate Stone Effect counters

We may actually keep the kitchen at my $3k budget!!!!! So what if I'm just pretending like we don't have to do the enormous, budget-doubling, bank account-robbing electrical work that was quoted of us last week. :)

Demo is set for the end of the month!

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