Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Living inside the box

You may have noticed this in yesterday's post on the backyard facelift.

Well that picture just doesn't do it justice. Let's take a real look at it.

Remember those pallets we used for the floating deck? Well, we took one apart and made this planter box. I absolutely love it! The reclaimed look steals my heart. And the price wasn't bad either: FREE!!!

There's no bottom- just the 4 sides, so I stapled some weed blocking fabric to the bottom sides. I also left 1/16th" gaps between the boards for drainage. The biggest expense was filling them with dirt! It took 6 cubic feet to fill it 3/4 of the way, which came out to around $18. But I can't complain! I think it's a bargain at almost any price when you get exactly what you want.

If you try this project, just know that you'll need a few hours just to take the pallet apart. You'll also need a hammer and a pry bar to separate the wood from the nails. When picking pallets, look for ones that are not dried out, cracking, or damaged. Also, look for pallets that are 48"x40" as these are most always made in the US. The US has standards that pallets must meet to ensure bugs and plant disease aren't unknowingly introduced to the environment. Most pallets have "IPPC" stamped on them somewhere, so you can be sure these ones meet those standards. The last thing you want when building a planter box is to introduce harmful disease and chemicals to your plants. So a little work on the front end will ensure a good outcome in the long run.

Have fun!

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