Thursday, February 18, 2010

Getting a facelift.

When we first looked at the Neglected Nest in October 2006, we fell in love. That is, until we got to the second floor and saw the bathroom. There is no bathroom on the first floor of the house, so all occupants and guests must trek upstairs and venture into hideousness. Now, I pride myself on having good taste and great style. This bathroom not only reflects neither, but also seems to erase memory of how beautiful the rest of the nest is once you step inside it. It's a tragedy I have lived with for too long. Three plus years to be exact.

Our grand plans of gutting it and starting over were obliterated when the economy tanked last year. Childcare, car problems, life- our bank account exploded all at once. So we changed course and made more practical decisions- including our plans for the bathroom. Instead of gutting it and turning it into our dream retreat, we decided to give it a facelift. As the Neverending Project from Hell was wrapping up (more on that to come), I set to work.

Just so you get an idea what we were working with:

This is the disgusting vanity. This picture does not show that the drawers do not properly open and close without the face popping off. Endless fun for Birdie; not so much for me and Mr. Nest.

As you can see, the varnish has worn off, the wood is not pretty, and the hardware is outdated. Disgusting.

Ahhh, the medicine cabinet. Could this get any uglier?
Why yes, it can! Permanent black stains/scratches/whoknowswhat on the mirrors, paint from 3 owners ago smeared on and never wiped off, and rusty light fixture that spans 3 decades. Blech!

Then there is the ugly blue tile floor with absent and chipping grout and caulk.

That doesn't look so bad, you say? How 'bout a close up.

Isn't that tile combo absolutely beautiful?!? (heavy sarcasm implied) I spared you the close up of the mold that has formed since the caulk has worn away. I shudder to think what's behind that wall.

You can really see how badly the drawers need to be repaired. The caulk between the tile and vanity is just bad, but the weird tile job in the corner annoys me most. (and please pardon the dirt and my strands of hair- guess I need to start cleaning behind the trashcan too, tee hee hee)

So I got to work:

And found evidence of past problems.

Aren't my pipes a sight to behold?!


Primer: it already looks better!

(Can you see the nasty fixtures in the tub in the background? Yuck!)
While the second coat of primer dried, I tried on the new shower head.

Yup, an extension arm is definitely needed. Ha! It looks so silly. And get a load of that tile! Man alive.

 Now, I was inspired by these cabinets from a picture on Apartment Therapy:

Aren't they purdy? I love the homey, outside-the-box feel they have. Plus I thought it would tie the awful tile together a little better. Maybe if it looks intentional, it will look better?

But when I slathered on Rustoleum's "Navy Blue," the result was horrifying:

And not very "Navy Blue"

So I went with my old stand-by, Rustoleum's Heirloom White.


Ahhhh, much better. Notice we also changed out the faucet. 

Soooo much better! 

Even the medicine cabinet looks better. Although, it's still overshadowed by that awful light fixture. Good thing we're taking care of that this weekend!

Much more cohesive!
So this weekend will be the finishing touches: new light fixture, taking the 3 mirrored doors off and replacing them with 2 nice new mirrored doors, caulking, bleaching the grout, changing out the shower faucet, and installing the extension arm and rain showerhead. 

It's not our dream bathroom, but at least it's not neglected any longer!


Kate @ The Gaines Gang said...

It's amazing what a little paint and some elbow work can do. It look so much fresher!

Thanks for stopping by and joining my giveaway!

Emily {Frilly Details} said...

Great job! Love the fresh new look.

Andrea said...

Great job, looks amazing!