Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Birthday, Birdie!

One year ago today, I gave birth to the most amazing little girl I have ever known. She has brought love and light into our lives in ways we never imagined were possible. Yeah yeah, you're thinking. So cliche. But true. So in honor of Birdie's big day, a look back at the creation of her room (slash our sanctuary & favorite place to be in the neglected nest).


So girly and sophisticated. The Pottery Barn crib was a Craigslist find- $200 and it included 2 sheet sets! The dresser is from Ikea. Love all the storage with all those drawers. Great for a girl constantly growing out of clothes. I made the quilt, but had someone else make the curtains. Although now I wish I'd done them myself for what I paid and how they turned out. They'll do, but it's not what I expected. I am happy that I sprang for the blackout liner, though. Definitely a must in that room since her windows face the east, which means the sun shines brightly into her room first thing every morning.

I love the little touches, too- the wall decals I found on Etsy, the ceramics on her dresser from Anthropology (oh how I'm obsessed with that store!), the pillow I got from Etsy for an unbelievable $15, her pictures and book racks. I just love it all. You would never know it was one of the most neglected rooms in our nest!

Happy 1st birthday, Birdie! May the next year be even better than the last (though it's hard to imagine it's possible).....

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