Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm obsessed with chap stick

Hello, my name is Mrs. Nest. And I'm a chap stick addict.

Recently we gave our hideous 70's bathroom a facelift (pictures are coming). We cleared out the vanity and the medicine cabinet before painting. We accumulate so much junk! I gleefully threw out eyeliner pencils that I've had for 10 years, hair elastics that were completely stretched out, and jars and vials of various skin creams and organic zit ointments that were promised to make my face worthy of a magazine cover. No need to muffle the laughter- I'm cackling over that bit of false advertising, too.

The cabinets were painted, the bathroom was put back together in a cleaner, brighter, more organized state. We stood back, drunk on our pride and glory over dominating that beast of a bathroom (again, the pictures will tell the tale. Just you wait.). That's when Mr. Nest caught me completely off guard.

"It's beautiful! Now you need to make me a promise."

Uh-oh. These promises never work out well for me.

"NO MORE SKIN PRODUCTS! It's everywhere! You barely use any of it any more, and it's cluttering up the cabinets. Please, no more. 'k?"

Who could refuse such a desperate plea? I muttered in agreement, but I was still in denial. Was it really that bad? The reality check came when we were cleaning up from Birdie's party, and in a little nook in our coffee table I found 4 tubes of chap stick. Four. As I put one in my purse, I found the new tube I bought last week. Next to that tube was the sparkly, pink expensive organic brand that lured me at a checkout line in November and haven't touched since.

Maybe Mr. Nest had a point after all.

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