Thursday, February 25, 2010

Not-quite-burlap pillows

I know the burlap pillows are all the rage right now, but I don't have any on hand. Plus I think it can be a little rough, and I like things that are soft and comfy. Now that our living room is taking shape after over a year of renovations, I wanted to do something to soften it up.

The walls are pumpkin for now, and that can be a tough color to work with.

So I rummaged through my fabric stash and found lots of natural colored muslin. Perfect!

With Birdie getting into everything these days, I knew these pillows needed to be slip covers. So I found this awesome tutorial over at Make It and Love It (seriously addicted to that blog), and I'm thrilled with the result. They were done in under an hour, too!

Without further ado:


(My attempt at a ruffled flower didn't turn out like I hoped.)

Sister pillow

Even more pathetic ruffled flower. I think I'm going to do them over.

Birdie likes to take our overstuffed floor pillows, the couch cushions, and these pillows and pile them on the floor and dive into them. Then she just lays there and watches Wonder Pets or Yo Gabba Gabba. Such a silly sweet girl! This means, though, that I had to make the flower removable. So I got some extra long safety pins from the Dollar Store and used two on each flower to secure it to the pillow. This way I can remove them when I wash the slip cover. Not ingenious, but definitely practical.

After I finished my pillows, I found these over at Just Another Hang Up.



Velcro closure- love the use of the ruffle to cover it!
And a square one:

Don't you just love those chiffon flowers?!

more ruffley goodness!

JAHU got her inspiration from Jesse Kate Designs:


And I'm IN LOVE with this one:

Must make it.

JKD has fantastic directions for making the first pillow, and a great video on making the other. 

Good thing we're getting another snow storm- I have an excuse to get out my sewing machine!

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Becolorful said...

I also did a room in this pumpkin color. Mine is a bedroom and I was trying to make the oak trim disappear and this kind of worked. I have combined the color with chocolate but I really like it with a kind of eggplant color. Sounds horrible but kind of cool. I am loving those pillows too. I wanted to repost them but they will only load as web archives and that won't go into my iphoto. How did you upload them?

The Neglected Nest said...

Oooo, the eggplant color sounds lovely. I loaded the pictures from my Picasa page. Try right clicking on the pictures and either saving the image or the properties link. And thanks for coming by!