Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Finally!: The Schoolhouse Light Fixture Knockoff

Friends, I'm ashamed it took me so long to post these pictures. We've been enjoying our light so much since installing it almost a month ago!

Just to recap before the reveal, I saw this schoolhouse light fixture Britt from A Penny Saved made for $9. I was super inspired! Mr. Nest and I decided to give it a go. The hall light has been a nasty annoyance since we moved in.

Blech! (Sorry, I forgot to take pics before starting demo)

Construction-grade nastiness.

We didn't have the ceiling height for a proper hanging pendant like Britt's. So we improvised. On a shopping trip to ReStore, we found an original milkglass globe for $10. We later found one almost identical to it at Home Depot for $4.88. Boo. But at least we're supporting local business and repurposing rather than buying manufactured newness. Right?

So we opted for this mount (not the globe) for $4
and we spray painted it with some good ol' ORB until it looked like this

And this is how it looks in our hallway:

(we need to do a little touch-up painting)

It lets off so much more light than that crappy fixture from before. And it looks original to the house, which is important to us. And it was only $14!

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