Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tied and Bagged

Our niece and nephews are awesome kids! They have great personalities and love to have fun. Best of all they love us almost as much as we love them. :) Lauren turned four this month, and she's really into fashion and being girly. I saw these on Little Birdie Secrets
and I knew Lauren would LOVE them. I found 3 remnant pieces of organza at Joann- each for $1.22 for a 1/2yd. I have so much fabric left, I'll be making these clips until the day I die! I nixed the little "berries" in the center in case little brother tries to eat them. Here's my version:

Not too bad for an hour's work.

I was ready to pack it in for the night when I remembered that Lauren made a special request: a colorful bag. I searched my fabric stash and came up short. So I looked through my closet and found an old knit sweater/shirt I'll never fit into again. Actually, I couldn't believe I ever fit into it! (Note to self: get your butt back on the treadmill!)

After 20 minutes of pinning and sewing and another 20 minutes making 5 fabric flowers, I had a decent little bag for a 4-year-old to tote around essential little girl things.

But what about the boys? Inspired by last month's All About the Boy over at Made and Made by Rae, I decided not to leave them out of the fun. For Brandon, my adorable chubby-cheeked 15 month old nephew, I made a bowtie shirt.

Brandon's older brother Ryan strikes me as a tie guy. So he got this shirt:

I found some cheap adorable felt Easter baskets at Target, so I packed them in along with some eggs filled with Peeps and chocolate.

So fun!

The boys weren't as excited about the shirts as they were about the eggs with goodies inside, but my SIL's expression totally made up for that! I can't wait to see them on the boys. At least they'll look adorable when they're driving my SIL nuts. :)

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