Monday, March 15, 2010

Rain, rain- you can stay?

It's been raining for 4 days. While I usually detest rain, I actually welcomed it with open arms this weekend. I've been sick as a dog for a week and needed an excuse to lay around and do nothing. Our niece's birthday party was on Sunday, and I wanted to be in tip top shape for it. I couldn't pick a better excuse than rain. Well, maybe snow, but we've had more than enough of that!

So I took a sick day on Friday, and did my best to take it easy. That meant Saturday was Project Day.

Remember this:

and this


Yeah, I saw this

and thought about this

and figured: PERFECT! A match made in heaven!

Until I did this

Yeah, it's too much Aqua, not enough Turquoise/Teal.

So off we went to the hardware store and picked out this from Benjamin Moore:

Much better. Florida Keys Blue. Just what we needed.

I'd like to say I'll get to it tonight, but I've been working on this:

It's the start of the backing for Birdie's quilt. I've only been working on this quilt since September 2008, and I'm just now getting to the backing. Oh well. At least I'm being true to myself!

You can see some of the front of the quilt in this picture of her room:

I love Amy Butler's fabrics. They're fresh, modern, and soft.

So I have my work cut out for me this week. We're leaving Thursday to go out of town for a wedding in the family, so I have even less time than usual for projects. Guess I need to prioritize my list.

So here is my update from last week's list:

installation of new schoolhouse light fixture (will post pics tomorrow)
- a new Spring-y fleece vest for Birdie
- 2 dresser refreshers
- a side table refresher (because it's "half done," lol)
- new paint picked for the Living Room (Revere Pewter!!!!)
- redoing that pathetic strap for the diaper bag
- fixing my silly flower pillows in the Living Room

Not too shabby. Too bad the sun's coming out this week; I could use another excuse to stay in and get things done! 

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