Thursday, March 4, 2010

The first of many

Ahhh, it's been three days since I last posted, but it feels like forever! I've been in the middle of midterms in grad school- not fun. Oh well, happy to be back in blogland!

I thought I'd share one of the first projects Mr. Nest and I tackled in the Neglected Nest. About 4 weeks after moving in, we came home from a visit with Mr. Nest's parents and looked around. Drab walls, drop ceiling, yucky cheap light fixture. We hated what we saw.

So we got to work. (Sorry I don't have pictures with the nasty light fixture and drop ceiling tiles still intact!)

The plaster ceiling wasn't even that bad. Why would anyone make the room so ugly for no reason?

Wow, look how different our living room used to look in the background!


What a change! 

See ya later ugly drop ceiling!

Fast forward to the afters since I didn't foresee blogdom in my future back in 2007 :)
There's Birdie having her breakfast!

More appropriate light fixture. Though it doesn't really go with all the black furniture. I also love the crown my awesome hubby put up (in the background).

I love this mirror! We found it on clearance at Target for $30. It fits in perfectly.

Close-up of the buffet w/ Mr. Nest's grandmother's china. Time to dust that glass!

Mr. Belvedere loves this carpet. He also loves when Birdie drops food for him. Mr. Nest and I? Not so much.

This picture didn't come out as well as I thought. The sign says "I love you to the moon and back." 

Ok, quick backstory: Mr. Nest and I always ask each other "How much do you love me?" and we used to reply "To the moon and back." So I was giddy and bubbling over when I found this sign at a little shop in Lancaster, PA! It just makes me happy!

Anyway, the wall is too bare for me. The sign isn't enough. I wanted to put the frame that is on the buffet under the sign, but Mr. Nest doesn't like it. Any other ideas?

And just to "keep it real" like Tatertots and Jello always says, I give you:

The pile of crap we are in the process of cleaning out/ thrifting/ Craigslisting. I can't wait to get this out of my beautiful dining room!

So here she is, before and after:


Whatchya think?  

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Andrea said...

Looks great! Be sure and let me know when you finish your blue dresser! I'd love to see pics!

Amber said...

It's beautiful, you guys did a great job!

Leanne said...

Wow, what a transformation. You should be proud of yourselves. You did a beautiful job.