Friday, March 12, 2010


The other day I shared my pitiful attempt at making Birdie a fleece vest with remnant fabric she picked out at Joann. I vowed not to give up, and last night I took a fresh look at the vest and figured out how to fix it. I still suck at sewing projects, but I'm not afraid to tackle them anymore. I'm going to take advantage of Birdie's inability to voice her opinion of my creations and continue to use her as my little guinea pig. I'm a rotten mommy, aren't I? :)

Just to recap where we left off. As if you need a reminder!

And here it is after I fixed it last night:

(oh goodness, my child looks like a hobo in all that mismatched clothing!)

(she's so cute dancing to The Wiggle's!)

So what do you think? Better, right?

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jenjen said...

What a cute vest! You are very talented. Great job!

Thanks so much for linking up to my party! I really appreciate it!